En Lai Chinese Restaurant


14706 s Cicero Ave, Midlothian, IL, 60445-3173

Type:50%Full Service 50%Take Out

Cuisine:Chinese Food,Sichuan,Hunan,Cantonese


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En Lai Chinese Restaurant is a dine-in and take-out establishment open since 1996. The restaurant delivers to customers who live up to five mile drive away within ~30 minutes. The main priority of the staff is to satisfy customers’ needs while also saving as much of their time as possible.
The dining room is kept spotless and decor of restaurant is in traditional chinese style, while dining in, customers will feel at home in the restaurant.
The menu at En Lai Chinese Restaurant offers the Americanized Chinese food with more than 100 dishes available to suit locals’ needs, each item on the menu is a reflection of the sino-western culinary art. The best selling dishes are the Orange Chicken and Beef with Broccoli. No matter what customers order, they can be sure that what they’re eating is fresh. Because all ingredients En Lai Chinese Restaurant use is carefully selected with high quality.
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